NAAC aspires to advance the education of the public in the appreciation and practice of South Asian Arts, in particular through the promotion of performances and workshops of music, dance and drama, arts exhibitions, film shows and other relevant work.

The organisation has identified four key areas that are essential to the delivery of its central mission. These reflect its commitment to the development of all aspects of the appreciation and enjoyment of South Asian Arts and the wish to develop good practice in both production and public presentation.

Participation and Performance

To initiate and support participation in and performance of high quality traditional, popular and contemporary South Asian music, dance, drama and visual arts.

Education and Training

To identify education and training, strategies and resources for the development of participation and performance, particularly for musicians, dancers and promoters in the field: young people, older people and community groups, venues and audiences.

Information and Resources

To support and encourage information and resources which raise the profile of South Asian Arts. To explore the potential of performing arts and related technology to create new and innovative work which will be featured in high profile venues and events within the region.


To nurture local, regional national and international partnerships with key organisations, groups and individuals working in the same or similar fields.