NAAC Events Diary…

Please bear in mind that sometimes due to short notice of artist availability and to keep the postage costs to a minimum, we will be publicising via e-mails and our website. Therefore if you are not on our e-mail list, please get in touch with us.

NAAC Past Events Diary

Past Events:


Children's Picnic,Wollaton Park Sunday 29th May 11am – 5pm.

Haveli Sangeet26th June, 4.30-6.30pm Discussion @HinduTempleand

7-9pm Concert @ HinduTemple.

27th June, 10-12pm Recital @ ICCA

7-9pm Performance @HinduTemple

150th Anniversary of Nobel Laureate Ravindranath Tagore 2nd July @HinduTemple

Vedic ScholarsIndia                   

8th July, 11-12.30pm Question & Answer Session with Elderly Club @ HinduTemple

7pm Vedic Scholars Lecture @ HinduTemple

9th July, 10am Vedic Scholars withHindiSchool@ HinduTemple

4.30-6.30pm Traditional Havan with Vedic Scholars @HinduTemple

7-9pm Vedic Scholar Vichar Mantran @HinduTemple

Gujarati Comedy Trio 17th July @DjanoglyCityAcademy, Sherwood Rise,Nottingham Road, Nottingham

RiversideIncluding Mela 5th to 7th August @VictoriaEmbankment

Navratri Festival Of Dance 28th September to 6th October @ Various Venues

Eid & Diwali Civic Receptions TBC

Diwali Gala 5th November @ Royal Concert Hall

New Years Eve Event31st December Venue TBC



Sunday 28th March 2010- Ghazal Ka Safar

Tuesday 30th March 2010- ‘Taj Mahal’ A LOVE STORY

Saturday 24th April 2010– Vaisakhi Dinner & Dance

Sunday 25th April 2010, ‘Taj Mahal’ A LOVE STORY

Friday 30th April 2010– Sugato Bhaduri Mandolin Concert

Friday21st May 2010(India60) Radhika Chopra Concert

Wednesday26th May 2010Swar Vishvan

Friday 28th & 29th May 2010 Maharaja and the Kohinoor

Sunday30th May 2010Dhamaka fundraising event (details to follow)

Sunday 18th July 2010 - Nottingham Mela