Nottingham Asian Arts Council (NAAC) is a non-for-profit organisation which is dedicated to the promotion of South Asian Arts within the Nottinghamshire region. It is a voluntary organisation formed in October 1986 with the specific aim of promoting South Asian Arts in Nottinghamshire.  NAAC began its work directly in Nottingham City with members of the resident Indian sub-continent communities, but later broadened out across the various boroughs of Nottingham. NAAC now works across the County, whilst also developing contacts nationally and internationally to support cultural activities and artists.

NAAC is funded through a grant received from the Nottingham City Council and the East Midlands Arts Council. Various other grants are secured to deliver specific projects.

The organisation has been instrumental in encouraging the promotion of cultural diversity through the education of the public in all areas of Asian Arts and culture. NAAC has successfully started up classes and workshops in Asian music and dance via liaison with the Arts Council England East Midlands. It has also been behind the promotion of various local artists in the Nottingham area.

NAAC is the biggest Asian Arts organisation in the Midlands and is widely known for its work in and around Nottinghamshire. We have currently 900 individual members and 50 organisation members. NAAC is very keen to increase its membership and volunteer base and will be happy to hear from anyone who is keen to join us. Please contact us to find out more.